Customer Support

Who are we?

StickerApp is an e-commerce company in the digital print business, with markets in the US and Japan, plus all over Europe. Through us, people can make custom stickers and phone cases, in a quick and easy way. Most of our customers are small business owners or designers, but we really have all kinds of people who use our services.

Since our start in 2006, we’ve grown to be more than 70 employees, and our turnover is around 200 million SEK annually (we’re the leading digital print company globally). We have a small office in the US, but most of us work at our headquarters in Lomma. During fall 2021, we’ll move to a brand new building, furnished by an architectural firm. 

We at StickerApp are a laid-back group of people, who believe that having fun and being creative are pretty important factors when it comes to working. It just makes the end result that much better. And another thing – we firmly believe that everyone of us is just as important in making StickerApp number one.


What do we want?

We’re looking for a new member of our order-handling team. This means splitting your time between customer support and basic graphical tasks. The position is full time, and you’ll be working out of Lomma.

But to the actual work. Let’s start with customer support. As our customers are all across the world, you need to be completely fluent in English. And since customer support is only via email, your writing skills need to be sharp. In English, that is. Speak Swedish? Nice. But it’s not a requirement for the position.

How about the graphical tasks? Well. Sometimes the customer’s artwork needs to be adjusted before print. This is something you need to take care of. We mostly work in our own intuitive order system, but sometimes need to turn to the Adobe CC Suit. 


Who are you?

Friendly? Yep. Social? Double yep. Since you’ll be handling customers, it’s pretty important you have these qualities. Being a part of StickerApp means you’re the kind of person that asks “why not”, instead of “why”; that doesn’t back away from a challenge; and is just as excited as us at the rate at which StickerApp is growing. In your role as Customer Support, you’ll be part of a tight-knit group that helps each other out, but we still need you to be able to work independently. 

Want to make us extra happy? Then you:

  • Have a background in customer support
  • Are proficient in French, Dutch or Italian
  • Have a basic knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator

Feel like this is the job for you? Send your CV and cover letter in English or Swedish to